Our most successful agents have made notepad marketing an important part of their overall marketing strategy. We recommend that you distribute a notepad to your farm every 4-6 weeks for maximum exposure and effectiveness.

If you feel you can communicate easier and more efficiently. However, in order to provide accurate and quick turnaround we request that communication be done by email or fax as much as possible.

Your order will ship within 10 working days after the date of your approval.

If for any reason your order is cancelled, you are responsible to pay for all work done PRIOR to cancellation (i.e. photo scan, graphic design, etc.); the minimum charge is $45. However, no refunds once print production has begun.

We take full payment at the time of the order for a couple of reasons. First, it eliminates the need for back-end accounting, keeping overhead costs down. Also, it lets us catch any payment problems before your products go into production. Such problems only delay your product.

In order to keep our prices as low as they are, we have a minimum order of 500 on all of our notepads.

In order to provide you with the quickest turnaround and the lowest prices, we require all orders to be placed in 1,000 increments (If ordering more than 500).

Yes. Either provide us with the exact text and spelling (for languages using the Roman alphabet, i.e. French, Spanish), or a high-quality printed version that we can scan (for languages such as Chinese, Korean, Persian etc.).

Yes. You may upload your own notepad print file or provide us with your elements (Such as logos and photos) by email at [email protected] and submit a notepad order form to authorize us to work on your proof. A proof will be provided to you within 2 business days by email. However, a setup cost would be added to orders that require extensive personalization and branding.

Are the colors on my proof exactly like my notepad?

Because of the different settings on computer monitors, and the difference between computer colors and 4-color printed colors, the colors on your proof are not an exact representation of the colors to be printed on your notepad.